Monday, August 13, 2012

The Quest for 100...

Mel and I are staying in Metaline Falls for four days to explore the far NE corner of the state; it also provides a great opportunity to pad my lead over Tom in my quest for catching trout in 100 streams in Washington.  I planned a route on the way to visit a number of streams and tributaries, and but reached only about a quarter of the ones I intended - combination of late start and good fishing.

First stop, Winchester Creek west of Usk.  Quick access with a steep climb down from the road at the highway bridge.  Quick catch of a monster brookie.

Just in case Tom tries to impose a size limit on acceptable trout for the quest, I found another brookie a little larger.  One down, on to the next.

After two looks at tributaries that were merely a trickle, we found a beautiful stretch of the North Fork Callispel Creek meandering through a meadow from broken beaver dam to broken beaver dam.  And quite a few willing fish.  Melinda got a chance to fish solo without Dad hanging over her shoulder too much, and finally got one to stay on her hook.  This was a really nice stream with lots of smallish fish.

Mel and a small brookie

On to the Little Pend Oreille River at the Little Pend Oreille Wildlife Area.  Larger stream, somewhat larger fish.  Had a few, finally got a picture of this beautiful cutt that fell off the dry and got caught on the dropper (I had other fish in the stream, Tom, in case you are thinking about adding a rule about fair-hooking the fish).  This could be a fun one to explore more if in the area.

Finally, stopped at a couple other brushy, small creeks on the refuge.  North Fork Bear Creek could have fish, but was very small and didn't yield up fish immediately.  Went a little downstream to Bear Creek and got about 50 times as many mosquito bites as I did fish (one).  No photo as my photographer was downstream.  Very brushy, coarse sandy bottom.  Hard to fish.

So, four more new streams today, looking for more tomorrow!

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