Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last Day in Metaline Falls

Today we toured a dam, a cave, caught fish in four new streams, and saw a black bear (that could have been the source of the sound of a large animal moving through the thick, dark forest at our first stop fishing before the dam tour).  The bear was in a clearing about 1/4 mile from where we had stopped to fish about 45 minutes previously.  No pic as when we turned off on the dirt road that went down into the clearing it raised its head, looked at us, then took off running.

Boundary Dam
Exiting Gardner Cave
Well, quick report.  PeeWee Creek lived up to its name both in size of water and size of fish, but had just enough water to find a couple cutts.
Peewee cutt from PeeWee Creek
Flume Creek was fished under the powerlines, which made it nice and open rather than brush covered.  Caught quite a few small brookies here.
Flume Creek brookie
Sweet Creek was pretty sweet.  Stopped at the rest area/park for the short trail to Sweet Creek Falls.  After hiking to the falls, I grabbed my rod and we went down to the creek right in the picnic area and promptly caught a nice rainbow.  A little later, Mel was fishing a hole right next to the trail and pulled out a nice cutthroat right in front of a couple people walking by.
Sweet Creek rainbow - rare on this trip
Cedar Creek was small and the road to the upper reaches on NF land was closed, so we returned to the bridge just outside Ione and caught a cutt and a few small brookies from the bridge (gotta love bridge fishing for a quick pickup of a new stream for the total).
Cedar Cr cutthroat
To end the day, we returned to Harvey Creek and fished a couple different places.  Walking back to the car I saw a nice hole in an area we had to bypass walking up the creek.  I told Mel just a sec, made a cast from the road, through the branches, into the hole about 10 feet below.  An immediate take and a quick pull and the poor thing was flopping on the road 20 feet behind me.  Mel picked him up and we restored him to his proper place.
Mel expressing concern for the bloody eye that I gave the poor fish
After dinner at the last light of day, we went looking for a geocache on top of the cliff just across the river from town.  Didn't find the cache, but got a great view of the town and the valley, a fitting farewell.
Metaline Falls from the top of Washington Rock


DrRobFish said...

I like the peewee from Peewee!

craig said...

always love the view from the top of Washington Rock. I was spoiled growing up in the area being able to go up there frequently

Tom Merrill said...

Congrats on all the great pickups. Looks like you and Mel had a fabulous trip!