Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mad Lake & Two Little Lakes with scouts

Spent four days in the backcountry with the scouts this week.  The upper Mad River valley was our destination.  Since I knew from four years ago that there were fish in the meadow about 6 miles into the first day's hike, I booked it with Brian and the other fast hikers to what I was sure would be a good "lunch spot".  We had lunch upon arrival and while Brian and Garrett took an after lunch nap, Chad & I stepped into the upper Mad River for some fun (though the water was limb-numbing!)

Though the fish were small I found myself drawn to the entire birthday/years of life theme that I'd experienced the previous week and before I knew it I succumbed to the intense desire to catch as many fish as years I've spent on earth in this mortal state.  I almost managed to do it entirely with cutthroats but near the end landed a small bull trout.  The first photo is from there and though the fish were small, their hearts were eager as they did their best to help me fulfill my goal for the day.  Renegade was the ticket.

We then spent two days at Mad Lake and found the fish there quite cooperative.  Brian had refreshed himself with his trailside, no make that across the trail nap, so he rigged his cast-a-bubble and fly and enjoyed those two days.  We had fish cooked on the fire with garlic powder, salt, pepper, dehydrated onion inside, lime juice and butter flavored PAM to keep it from sticking.  Wrap in foil and cook on the coals--delicious!

The last night was spent at Two Little Lakes (Lake Josephine & Lake Ann) that were beautiful lakes that had bigger cutthroats.  I caught the biggest backcountry fish I have seen and had another evening meal of fish with eager scouts jostling for their share.

We traveled 29 miles on foot and had a great time.  I love being scoutmaster!

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Rick Merrill said...

Nice! Years ago when I was Scoutmaster, one of my Scouts told me, "Bro. Merrill, the only reason you go camping with us is so you can go fishing!" Smart scout; not the only reason, but if you are going camping/hiking, you may as well go somewhere that there are fish!