Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quick report from a post-Independence Day celebration with Tom. Fish from five bodies of water, two new streams for Tom, one new stream for Rick. Plenty of fish, but not quite like Rick's day two weeks ago.
Started on the Touchet and found enough fish to keep it interesting. Rick bested Tom at the fish-off-the-bridge contest, landing a reasonably nice Touchet trout from high above the water. Dropped in near the forks of the Touchet and caught fish in both the NF and SF; SF is quite small with a few deep holes, undercut banks, and small fish. NF is good sized and some nice fishing water and fish.
After getting food at drink at a food mart, it was on to the Tucannon, first trying a stretch a ways below the wildlife area. Water is clear, but still running above summer levels. A few small fish, but not many. Came to one deep, turbulent hole where we saw two very large fish; thought they might be bull trout, but checking online indicates that salmon start entering the river in early June, so probably more likely a couple salmon.
Left this stretch and headed to Big Four Lake, a fly-fishing only, man-made lake. Caught fish sporadically, mostly cookie-cutter planters about 12". They'd come up and flash at flies as soon as they hit, then not come back. Rick finally discovered an olive green bugger under an indicator was the ticket, cast out and let it sit. Eventually they'd pull it under. After many fish this way, we decided it was time for moving water, so we caught a few more in the Tucannon before leaving for home, with a stop at Ray's, of course. Tom ordered a large shake, to which Rick asked, "Do you know how big a large is?" (44 oz. of goodness). By the time Tom finished the shake, we were most of the way to Burbank and he had the AC off and windows rolled down to try and warm up a little. Another great day on the water!
Fighting from the bridge
Tom and a SF Touchet trout
Nice little hole on SF Touchet


Tom Merrill said...

Great day with my bro. I'm not sure my body core temperature has gotten back to 98.6 degrees after the 44 oz blackberry shake!

DrRobFish said...

Wish I'd have been there with you. Much more fun than driving to Utah. But hopefully I'll have some fun while in Utah!