Tuesday, July 8, 2014

American Fork Creek

Fished today at American Fork Creek where it breaks off toward Tibble Reservior.  There are about 2.6 miles of really nice water.  I fished a mile of it today with no sidekicks.  Broke off quite a few flies in the trees.  Very tight quarters and tough casting.

Lots of brown trout ranging from 6-14" with lots that I missed.  Unfortunately the water is super clear and if a fish comes up after the fly once, that's it.  You only get one chance.  All except one caught on a size 16 green Copper John about 18" under an indicator.  (Thanks Mike for the use of the indicators.  I bought you a replacement pack since a fair number of yours are now in the trees along American Fork Creek. Pretty convenient having Cabela's right on the way home!)
One of many browns today
I did manage to catch a half dozen rainbows ranging from 8-13" that were spread throughout the mile that I fished.  There seemed to be plenty of company on the river.  I had to get out of the river and walk upstream past two fishermen during my time fishing.  I could tell when I reached the stretch they'd fished, because the action pretty much stopped.

Beautiful stream.  I'm glad I was able to fish it again.

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