Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Upper Huntington Creek

While returning to Provo from Hanksville, we stopped a couple places. First at Upper Fish Creek above Scofield Reservoir, which we found poorly named, virtually free of fish of any size for the first 1/3 mile. Long, flat runs with not much depth. Jess lost a nice one right by the parking lot, I missed a couple in the 10" range. Only saw a couple larger fish (easy to see in the shallow runs). Appears fished out close to the trailhead. Continued on the scenic loop past Eccles Creek, which looked nice next to the road, but didn't stop.

We did stop at Upper Huntington Creek, about one mile above where it runs into Electric Lake. It was a beautiful, but very small stream, full of willing, but easily spooked tiger trout along with the occasional surprise of a fat cutthroat. The stream is completely open, meandering through a meadow and is very narrow in most places. Tigers were 6" to 10", the largest cutt that Mel fought in for me was 14". Jess showed great fly-fishing memory, quickly remembering her out-of-practice skills and catching a number of beautiful fish. Jess fished a humpy, I fished something like a Turck's Tarantula. Not much length of fishable water here, but fun fishing and a great stop on the way through!

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