Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nebo Creek

There was a mudslide Monday that covered Highway 89 near Thistle and Thistle Creek and Spanish Fork River were about the consistency of chocolate milk with just about as much visibility. Nebo Creek was running clear. Lots of browns. I landed three cutthroat trout as well. Brian commented, "We caught more fish today than all the other days combined!"

We had fun trading off casting. One would go until a fish was caught, then we'd trade. Bonus casts when the primary caster got hung up in a tree or broke off a fly on a fish (Brian?). It was fun softly casting into beaver ponds and watching the trout come up to take the fly.

I used Renegade again and Brian fished Humpies and the one that is shaped like a Humpy but the body is made of trimmed deer hair so it floats really well (the name of the fly escapes me right now). Another great day on a new stream.


Rick Merrill said...

Nebo has been on my list to visit sometime. Looks like an awesome small stream! No Heather? Was she fished out?

DrRobFish said...

Heather and Simon (his delayed flight arrived SLC about 3:00 A.M. today) were getting their marriage license, stuff in/out of storage, car license and emissions check, etc so it was just the boys today. She wasn't fished out, she was "Simonized".