Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Pond with the Scouts

The Scouts from the Rocky Reach Ward (my ward) and the Eastmont Ward (Rob's ward) went to the pond in Ellensburg to do a cleanup service project and an overnight camp.... along with some fishing!

The fishing was good. The boys and leaders were already there when I arrived. I hopped in my tube and fished for about 45 minutes and landed 3 or 4 nice fish. All rainbows. I caught them on one of my home-tied cone head green moal leeches. It was extra fun to catch them on a self-tied fly! I went back in and let one of the leaders take out my tube. He proceeded to catch 2 nice trout including a large brown that broke off the fly at the tube.

I then took out Layton Judd in a rowboat and had him fish the clouser minnow that I had tied as well. He landed 3 bows in about 30 minutes. It was a good time.

Final stats for the night: Tom - 3 or 4 trout. Rob - 1 trout (I fished more!) Dad - 0 trout (he was busy rowing and calling the scouts "lard butts" and saying things like, "Do you think I'm rowing this boat for fun!") Rick - 0 trout (not present, but would the statistics REALLY have been any different??)



Mom A said...

I felt like I was on the river in Bella Coola when I read this post!

Jon Anderton said...

I think gpa called me lard butt on my one trip to Bella Coola. I never returned...