Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good Early Morning at the Pond

Being with the scouts at the pond means having to watch the scouts at the pond.  It cuts into fishing time.  However, when everybody is up around the fire until after midnight, and I wake up at 4:20 and can't go back to sleep, there is really nothing to do but climb into Tom's float tube (which he kindly left for our use!) and kick around the pond so as to not disturb the slumber of my wonderful scouts.  ( I am a kind and loving scoutmaster after all).  I landed ten nice bows for the morning and then came in when I saw signs of life.  Had breakfast together, cleaned and sanitized the cabin, and the boys then had a great time fishing and playing in the boats, dock, etc.

Brian did go out to the floating dock and hooked and landed a 24 inch rainbow--his biggest 'bow ever and all by himself.  He knows the exact size because he took my net with the measurement gauge in the bottom.  Only problem--the fly was hard set into the upper jaw and he had nothing to take it out with.  He quickly sent another boy in the boat to retrieve pliers from shore, kept the fish in the water, and released it unharmed.  A good learning experience about having what you need to not only catch, but also release your fish.  Way to go Brian!

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