Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sonorous Saturday (March 8, 2014)

Boating to lagoons through the mangroves is sometimes a bit challenging, but the guides are adventurous.  They want me to cast here.  I did some "bow and arrow" casting for tarpon.  Be sure to be on your casting game if you come fish here.
Boating through the mangroves--can you say "tight fit"?
Well, every day can't be crazy catching I guess.  Dad didn't come today so I was minus my "good luck charm" and had a tough day of fishing.  Did catch some snapper and blue runner for the guide to keep for dinner as we finished the day.  I managed to catch 12 different species of fish on this trip.  Highlight was the super grand slam--bonefish, permit, snook, tarpon.

The normal grand slam is bonefish, permit, & snook or tarpon.  Great people here in Punta Allen.  Wonderful food and comfortable accommodations.
Another wonderful breakfast start

Casa Viejo Chac--our home in Punta Allen

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