Saturday, June 4, 2011

Opening Day

Saturday, June 4 The Creek

Thanks to Alyssa's baptism, Rick was able to make it to the Creek for another important event - opening day for streams. Well, kind of opening day, because it was clear there had been significant poaching before the opening.

The road up out of Moses Coulee is deteriorating, with one section just as you start up the hill that is just about at the point of high-clearance vehicle only. We parked at the tunnel collapse and were glad to see no sign of vehicles or people down in the canyon. The creek was a little colored and higher than normal, but still wonderfully fishable. We started around the waterfalls, and each caught several.

We then worked our way up to the crossing and up a short ways from there. We found fish, but not a lot. One or two in a hole, and that was it. Size about 6" to 10", but seemed a little more on the small side compared to past years. Perhaps floods cleared out a lot of the fish. Water was murky enough that it could have been hard for the fish to see the fly as much as they normally would. I tried the psycho prince and had some success, but the renegade still topped it here. Some things never change. Together we probably caught 50 fish or so, but it seemed a little slow. All in all a very nice morning together.

Floods had done some cleaning out of the floating mats of grass, but more would be nice. At least three dams/partially broken dams below the crossing. The one monster above the crossing is also still there. From the waterfalls to the crossing has a lot of trees and such that force you in and out of the water, over and under branches. I sure hope when I'm 80 years old that I'll still be bushwacking it like Dad!

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