Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sunday, June 12

I had a weird dream this morning that merits a blog entry. I was with Rob on the Wenatchee fishing for steelhead below the bridge in town. I know it was a dream because there weren't any other people on the river. I wasn't fishing for some reason, but Rob was spin casting a strange-looing yarn ball and reeling it back in and hooking a steelhead every time. I was just watching him (that is what made it a nightmare!). After he had landed several, I realized I didn't have any spinning gear. Rob suggested I drive back to Richland and get my spinning rod (good move, Rob! By the time I'd get back you'd have caught fifty). Anyway, I realized that I could cast my flyline out as far as he where he was hooking the fish, and if they'd hit that thing Rob was tossing, they were certain to take a bead dead drifted. So I opened up my flyrod case and found everything so tangled it was going to take hours to untangle and get ready for fishing (that was doubly the nightmare!). Then I woke up. I tried, but couldn't get back to sleep and the dream to try and resolve it. What an unsatisfying way to wake up. I guess I'll have to wait until next March on the Methow to resolve this one!

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