Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Nunya

Friday, June 17, 2011 Little Nunya

This day found Sarah and I traveling to Wenatchee for Girls Camp and golf, and since Little Nunya is right on the way (as long as you go the right way!), we made time for a little dad/daughter fishing.

We arrived about 6:30 pm, nobody at the pullout, and no sign that anyone had been downriver for some time. The water was slightly colored (not muddy brown, but good greenish) and quite high, with a good flow coming over the top of the little wall of basalt at the top of the hole above the bridge - an easy 6" higher than the normal level, or more. The barbed wire fence partway to the falls has been repaired, but not posted, so we squeezed through the fence and chased some cows as we made our way to the falls.

We fished above the falls and in the falls, then the deeper hole above the island just below the rapids downstream of the bridge. Sarah fished like a champ, likely catching more than I did, including an in-your-face she hooked a few feet in front of me, although I caught my share, too.

Swarms of really small flies above the water (gnat-like) and lot of takes as the fly hit the water. A small dry or emerger would probably have worked well, but we just dropped the strike indicator to about 9" above the fly and that got us a lot more hook-ups. Fish were on the whole smaller than normal, but fat-bellied, so they should be a lot bigger the next visit.

With the water this high here, I imagine that Nunya will be running high for a while. If I were you, Tom, I probably wouldn't try Nunya until August, maybe September. Since it is such a far drive for you, I figured I would check it out and save you the trip, and after I have three or four 20-fish days, I'll give you a call and let you know it is shape and worth your drive.

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