Monday, June 21, 2010

On the way to Wenatchee and back....

June 18/19, 2010
Holding to my commitment to myself to report on all fishing trips, I'll add a couple brief notes here (sorry, no photos):
Friday, June 18 The Creek. Stopped with Sarah taking her up for girls camp. Started at the flat rock falls and worked up. We only caught a few, and the grass was heavily and freshly trampled, so we moved up to the crossing. Similar results. Although no other vehicles were present, it appeared to have been fished earlier. I probably landed a half dozen, Sarah a couple. Renegade, of course, although I tried a psycho prince nymph in the beaver dam and landed a couple.
Just up from the crossing is a big beaver dam that innundated the deep hole by the big rock/concrete you had to climb up and around. Don't step off that thing, it was six feet deep (measured with my rod, not me!). Worked our way past the beaver's den, where you could hear him chomping or something like that. Sarah wouldn't crawl in to see.
Climbing out we ran into a flyfisher coming down the road. He said he'd been fishing a beaver dam up farther and had driven in from the north. Said the road had been graveled and was in good shape.
Saturday, June 19 Upper Caliche Lake. I wanted a quick stop with my float tube, so I thought I'd see if I could find anything at this sentimental stopping point. It was a bit windy, no surface action. In 40 minutes of trolling around about half the lake, I caught a 12" fat perch, and that was all. Black sparkly wooly bugger.

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