Saturday, April 11, 2015

Culverts Glorious Culverts!!

Life is good when your wife says "You should go fishing today. You deserve it!"  Life is either good, or it's possible that there will be a large purchase when you arrive back home.

As there were no large purchases at home, I'll go with Life Is Good!

Brian Anantatmula and went off this afternoon to do a little exploratory fishing. We were chasing down some intel that Rick had collected. Rob was under the weather (the exact quote was "It is now affecting my GI system!"), so it was just Brian and me.  (Mom, that is correct usage of me!  Aren't you proud?)

We headed out to search a couple drains in the area. The first drain had a culvert (the first sign of a magical place) and running water.

Can't go wrong with running water and a culvert!
We quickly spotted some fish and it didn't take long to add another stream to the Washington state tally. It produced well on a head head pheasant tail. Most of the fish 8-10 inches.  All were very healthy!  Probably landed around 15-20.  Brian also found success fishing a prince nymph.  I think it was a size 2-0!!!  I have no idea how the fish got their mouths around it!  ;)

Typical drain fish
On the upstream side of the blessed culvert, I ran into a nicer rainbow.  Probably around 13" or so.  If put up some great jumps and runs.  The water was very clear, so the fish were a bit spooky.

Did I mention I have HUGE hands?
We moved on to try another separate drainage and found it running high and chocolaty with lots of sage brush floating down the middle!  We attempted to add to the stream tally, but with no success.  I'd think during the summer, some hoppers could do wonders against the grassy banks if the clarity improves.  Today it was around 4" of visibility.

Having had fun with the new streams, we moved on to the Rocky Ford petting zoo.  There were nuclear winds blowing, so it was tough, but we brought one nice bow to hand from the Ford.

Good day, new stream.  Could be fun for the winter doldrums!

Fish on!

- Tom

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Rick Merrill said...

Woo hoo! That will provide some wintertime fun!