Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hollis birthday present (for real this time)

Today, Hollis and I floated the Yakima with Mike Canady from Reds' to redeem the birthday present I gave him and that his loving wife had used last month with me.  It was a hot day--90's--even though we are near the middle of September now.

Hollis had never fished from a drift boat before and today was his inauguration to nymphing.  He soon got the hang of it and in no time was hooking up with rainbow trout.  We had fish though most of the day.  The river is considerably lower than when I fished with Michelle a couple weeks ago and today we fished the middle rather than toward the banks.

We managed to have three doubles today so it was a good day.  Though Hollis didn't have any fish that matched Michelle's largest for size, he definitely managed to land more total numbers--including one northern pikeminnow (gurgle, gurgle) that managed to come to the fly.

Another great float with Red's.  :-)


Rick Merrill said...

So the fish were so small compared to Michelle's that Hollis is embarrassed to post any pictures? Or maybe you were just catching so many there wasn't time for pictures?

DrRobFish said...

Too many for pictures. Also, water temps were up a bit so we didn't want to stress fish. It was 97 degrees and hot and had been all week. With lower flows, it put water temps too high for photos. Quick release was the order of the day--plus you get more fly time in the water that way!