Saturday, July 23, 2016

Triathlon (Kind Of) for Two New Streams

Back up near White Pass hiking a couple more trails in advance of Girls Camp next week. Threw my bike in the RAV with plans to ride up the closed NF Tieton road after the hiking, about 2.7 miles to a closed campground with three tributary streams along the way and another try a the NF Tieton at the end (twice before I have fished it and haven't seen a fish). So 7 miles of hiking, 5.5 miles of riding, throw in some wading in place of the swim (sometimes it is both), and it is a fisherman's triathlon! 

Another nice hike in solitude, had time to capture a few more nice wildflowers.
Avalanche Lily
Hooked spur violet
The everywhere present lupine
It was early evening when I started my ride. First stop, Hell Creek. Had fish come up to the EHC, but were either two fast, two small to hook, or just aborting the take at the last minute. Tried different sizes, dropper nymph, still no luck. A fish in most decent holes, but unable to hook even one of them. Not even close. Never felt one of them. This was an aptly named stream! In desperation, my mind thought back to the fly of our youth - the renegade. It was all we ever fished in a stream, and still is just about the only fly Rob fishes. Tie it on, drop it in, immediately hook this small cutt. Stream #131, then immediately back to the bike to continue upriver to Miriam Creek.
Hell Creek cutt - finally!
A short ride up the road and I arrived at Miriam Creek and some likely looking water.
Miriam Creek
I dropped down and tossed the renegade into the hole under the bridge. A good sized shape darted up and I missed the take. A little further down, in the hole, another take, with a solid set this time. A beautiful cutt, good size for this small stream. It was getting late, with another couple miles to ride, and upstream looked to be dropping quickly off the mountainside with little in the way of holes, so tally Stream #132 and continue on hoping for a couple more streams. But it was not to be.
Beautiful Miriam Creek cutthroat
Scatter Creek runs right adjacent to the old campground. Small stream, very sterile looking, no really good holes.Tried hard for a bit, but found no sign of fish life. So on to the NF Tieton, a beautiful stream tinged green by the glacier which feeds it. Third time I have tried fishing it, third time no fish. Well, this could be a success because I might have seen a dark shape briefly dart at the trailing fly of a double nymph, but I'm not sure. Can't figure this stream out.

As shadows were slowly rising up the hillside above the stream, I hopped on the bike and enjoyed the mostly downhill ride. Spooked a couple rabbits, a mom elk and her calf, and a coyote, all using the abandoned road as a trail. I'm happy to share it with them. Another great day!

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DrRobFish said...

Glad the reliable Renegade brought you success!