Thursday, October 9, 2014

Team Patrick (or Team Gould?)

I had the pleasure of fishing this afternoon at the FRC with Patrick from Ellensburg, who fished with Rick earlier this summer, and his daughter, Ella.  Sunny and warm with water surface temps now cooled to 63 degrees.  Lots of weeds made fishing a bit of a challenge, but Team Patrick was up to that challenge.

Team Rob had the hot hand for bluegill (and all of them would easily fit in the palm of a hand) and put up the numbers early on, but it was not to be enough to fend off the challenge provided by Team Patrick.

After hooking a nice rainbow early on and breaking it off in the weeds Team Patrick made a nice comeback.  Some casting to rises yielded some strikes, but eventually it was on the troll that Team Patrick made the score that put them well ahead of Team Rob.  Quality and size was the name of the game.
Team Patrick with the winning rainbow.
(Ella shown wearing green body armor to protect from errant casts.)

I had a great time fishing with this Daddy/Daughter team and will gladly do it again.  Thanks for the afternoon guys!

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Rick Merrill said...

Good to see Patrick fishing with the Merrill boys again!