Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stream #121

Out with Mel preparing for hikes this coming week for Beehive Camp. Had time to make it over to the west side of White Pass to see if I could pick up some new streams. Stopped at Dam Creek, small, forest stream, but with plenty of water and some nice holes, but apparently sterile. Not a sign of a fish willing to come up and look at a dry or the dropper just under it. Up the road to Lava Creek. A little larger forest stream, a couple nice holes, not a look. Man! put me back on the east side! These streams do have limited drainage, have no lake in the headwaters, and are above falls so no connection to the Cowlitz, so perhaps they are sterile or have very limited populations. On to the third try, Summit Creek. It is in a deep canyon until you get to the campground. Beautiful stream, deep holes, some very small rainbows, which we were finally able to each hook one. Obviously fished a good bit, so perhaps further upstream there might be more, but it would be a hike in. No matter, I had #121.

Small rainbow from Stream 121 (after missing the first dozen)

Mel shows me how to do it, catching one on her second or third hit

Tried one more on the west side, Millridge Creek right along Hwy 12 flowing into and out of Knuppenburg Lake. Fast dropping stream, some nice deep pocket water around big boulders, a lake just upstream with brook trout - but no fish! Surprising. We did some hiking, then a quick stop at the Tieton, which was much higher than normal for this time of year. Mel pulled one small one out in a brief stop. Then a final stop at Oak Creek, where I found lots of fish a few years ago after a fire burned through and cleared out the willows. Stream was much smaller than I remembered and didn't see a fish. Not sure what has happened here. So a great day with Mel, a nice short hike, good views, wildflowers, watching Mel catch fish on her own, and one more stream to the tally for me.

Mt Rainier from Hwy 12 viewpoint

Mel in Dark Meadow

Red sand spurry, flower is less than 1/8" across, about 1 1/2" tall

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