Friday, June 14, 2013

Naches River

Dad & I floated the Naches River yesterday with Joe of Red's Flyshop.  Rubber raft and swift water made for a fun ride.  A little windy most of the day, but sunny and pleasant temps.  Golden stones were on the water and both dry and as nymphs were recipients of welcome attention.  We found nice native cutthroats, rainbows, and bull trout.

Joe Rotter, our trusty guide, with a nice cutthroat

Dad contemplating his next cast on the Naches River
Biggest that were landed were 18".  Some BEASTLY big ones were on the lines briefly, but not to the boat.  A fish in that very swift water is a challenge to fight.  Joe did a great job for us.  We did almost all of our fishing from the boat.

Dad & I are looking forward to some saltwater flyfishing in March at Ascension Bay south of Cancun, Mexico.  That will be a new and exciting challenge.  Spots are open if anyone is interesting in joining us.

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