Sunday, November 18, 2012

Steelhead success

Thursday, November 15 on the Wenatchee River with Don Shurtz.  We fished the stretch around Leavenworth putting in at the bridge on Icicle Road and taking out at the takeout on East Icicle Road.  As you can see the boat launch was somewhat steep.  We probably don't want to bring the Clakacraft to launch here.  River was running clear and 42 degrees.

We found a fish at the 4th hole.  It was only the third hole on the stretch, but is called the 4th hole because the  4th hole of the Leavenworth Golf Course is adjacent to the river there.

A hard day fishing, but finally found a nice wild hen.  Guide was Doug Pendleton with Red's Fly Shop and he worked hard for us.  Rain sprinkles a bit, but not as cold as Monday on the Methow.  The cloud shrouded mountains looked more like southeast Alaska or the Olympic peninsula.

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Rick Merrill said...

Pretty fish! Do they let you fish beads?