Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Closing Day at the Creek

Rick made a quick trip to Wenatchee, ostensibly to help Dad finish setting up his new computer and to pick up a bunch of apples for applesauce, but we all know the real reason men get together in the Merrill family - yup, Dad was longing for a visit to The Creek before it closed for the season.

The road may be impassible after another year unless someone gets in there and grades out a really rough spot at the start of the hill.  Which may not matter, because in another year The Creek may be renamed The Swamp.  Very few places were even fishable, the first hole above the crossing is 2/3 full of cattails, and the banks are mostly two feet or more of floating mats of grass.  We found some fish, only a few of normal size 7" to 9", most were very small.  Either the larger fish are hiding under the mats of grass, or people have been spending the year catching and taking, leaving only the little guys.

Although we caught a reasonable number of fish, it is getting harder and harder to return to the creek. This may be my last time until a big flood cleans it out. Little Nunya is open year round and is closer for me. And it isn't overgrown.
About the biggest of the trip, this guy was dark and malformed or torn jaw
Dad at one of the few open areas (the old beaver dam above the crossing)
Dad doesn't quite look as excited as he does with a 26" Naknek 'bow...

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We can pray for heavy snowfall followed by heavy rain.