Thursday, May 24, 2012

No Otter way to fish

The only mammals visible today at the FRC were me and my buddy Tim.  We found five nice rainbows and one brown.  Tim had the day's best at 23".  No sign of our furry friends--thanks Mr. Chase-them-away-guy that Randy hired!  All fish were on a shiny green bugger type fly on a floating line.  They hit hard and fought hard.  I had one VERY big rainbow grab the fly make a quick run away and then turn back and run right at the boat, spit the fly, and be gone.  I know that brother Tom will now be shouting "farmer" as he reads this, but the FRC is, after all , located on a farm so that may be an apt description.  We were there 2.5 hours, five nice fish, lots of hits, wind from three different directions.

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